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If the enterprise can only guarantee the environmental protection of its own products, and the environmental protection of the products supplied by the downstream is not guaranteed, the products in the entire industrial chain will also be polluted. Zhuhai Zhendong has always adhered to the concept of green environmental protection, and has checked the raw material procurement, production and production at all levels to minimize the damage to the environment.


Responsible procurement

Our procurement policy requires us to extract, process and produce raw materials for products in a responsible manner, and comply with environmental protection policies and ethics. Our suppliers must be aware of and agree to accept our responsible procurement policy. Our supplier audit team is responsible for regularly reviewing the compliance of manufacturing suppliers in terms of employment, environment, health and safety. Once it is confirmed that there is a problem with the supplier, it will immediately notify the supplier and order it to develop a rectification plan for the discovered problem.



Proper management of waste, chemicals and other materials is essential for environmental protection and the health and safety of factory employees.

For Zhendong, the waste reduction should be controlled at the source to reduce the waste generation. We require manufacturing suppliers to comply with applicable laws and industry standards. We promise to reduce the amount of industrial waste and increase the recycling of resources from the manufacturing process. All packaging and waste materials in Zhendong, such as cardboard boxes, containers and plastic packaging materials, will be collected and sorted for recycling.

In 2013, Zhendong Company successfully passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. Our goal is to continue to find innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste and reuse materials, minimize the impact on the environment and take the path of sustainable development.


Low carbon and environmental protection

Being responsible for society means giving back to society and building the country. In the direction of environmental public welfare, Zhendong pays attention to green tomorrow, and low-carbon measures run through three aspects of daily operation, business development and social public welfare, creating green companies and participating in green public welfare. In response to the government's call for environmental protection, all business vehicles of Zhendong Company are green and energy-saving vehicles. Tree planting activities are held regularly to add greenery to nature.

We promise that Zhendong will build innovative products with a responsible attitude, respect people, respect the community and environment where our enterprises are located. Create a sustainable and beneficial work environment that can provide growth space for employees. Strive to become the best manufacturer of printed board consumables and equipment in China and even in the world.


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