As the promoter of the national PCB industry, the production and development of Zhendong, Zhuhai, has always depended on the continuous improvement of its own competitiveness. Competitiveness lies in products, technology, quality, service and other aspects.

Since its establishment, Zhuhai Zhendong has always taken "creating value for customers" as the work theme of the enterprise, and has taken taking responsibility for customers, employees and society, and realizing its value maximization as the lofty mission of the enterprise.Zhuhai Zhendong has a unique corporate culture and industry characteristics, building its own core values: adhering to the path of specialization, always putting solving problems for customers and creating value for them first; to achieve a win-win situation for customers, employees, society, and the company; under the premise of fully meeting customer needs, allowing employees to share the company's business results, thereby enabling employees to live a dignified and dignified life, enjoying safety, health, and happiness in the process of work and life!


Responsible for customers

Zhuhai Zhendong understands customers' needs, uses new technologies and processes, and strives to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and personalized products and services, and strives to improve customer satisfaction. Be responsible for customers, that is, service is paramount and integrity is guaranteed: one of the company's core products is ceramic brush roller, non-woven brush roller and nylon needle brush roller for PCB manufacturing; the second is the full-automatic plate brushing machine series (4 brushes/2 brushes/1 brush), vacuum screen printing machine and matching plug hole ink, and the third is to provide the OEM service of vacuum screen printing plug hole and grinding for our customers. From raw materials to finished products, we will go through layers of checks and consideration, strictly control the quality, and offer the best quality to customers. Zhuhai Zhendong has successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification on December 23, 2004, so that the stability of GSH products can be guaranteed reliably and systematically!


Responsible for employees

Zhuhai Zhendong creates a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere for employees, provides appropriate compensation and benefits, and has a clear career development direction. Under the background of PCB industry, we should strive to cultivate professional talents, realize the personal value appreciation of employees, and realize the common growth of the interests of the company, customers and employees.

We promise to abide by the basic principles of human rights, non-discrimination and non-harassment, and respect the human rights of all employees; Abide by national laws and do not employ child labor. We try to provide employees with balanced working hours and strive to be consistent with local labor regulations; We develop emergency response policies, provide fire training for employees, and notify and evacuate employees in case of emergency. Strive to create a healthy and safe working environment for employees.

In 2013, it successfully passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. To eliminate health and safety risks in the workplace, we provide appropriate control, safe work procedures, preventive maintenance, safety equipment, and other protective measures.


Responsible for society

We have always maintained good cooperation with major associations in the industry (such as TPCA, CPCA, SPCA, CCLA), provided various sponsorship for the activities of the association, and promoted the development and progress of PCB industry with practical actions. For example, in May 2015, in order to encourage excellent students to invest in PCB research and write practical PCB-related papers, we sponsored the "PCB Excellent Paper Award" selection activity sponsored by TPCA Association.

In the future, Zhendong will continue to demonstrate through practical actions that, while fully meeting customer needs, employees can share the company's business achievements and give back to society.


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