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Zhuhai Zhendong has been committed to continuously improving the working and living environment of employees, enriching the amateur cultural life of the majority of employees, continuously improving the salary and welfare level of employees, and strengthening the humanized management and emotional investment of enterprises. It is committed to talent training, retaining talents with good development opportunities, working environment and welfare, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

In Zhuhai Zhendong, once they pass the assessment and are hired, employees will receive competitive salaries in addition to the national statutory benefits, five insurances and one housing fund, paid annual leave and paid holidays. Employees can enjoy nutritious working meals, free drinks and fruits every day, wear new work clothes provided by the company every year, and receive housing subsidies and communication subsidies, birthday gifts, etc. on time.

In addition, Zhuhai Zhendong pays more attention to the health of its employees. It has set up a fitness club and regularly arranges employees to go to a professional medical institution for comprehensive physical examination every year; pay more attention to employees' happiness and sense of belonging, organize employees to travel, expand or train regularly every year, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the feelings among employees.

In October 2011, the company moved to a new factory building of more than 13600 square meters, which is equipped with a reading room and a fitness club. It provides employees with a more comfortable living and working environment. From January 9, 2012, the company promised that employees who have worked for more than 5 years can get the limited edition commemorative gold coins donated by the company, and employees who have worked for more than 10 years can get the gold bars donated by the company. Zhuhai Zhendong has always expressed its recognition of outstanding employees with a mind of mind.

On February 29, 2012, the company established the "Care Fund" to better serve employees and make the "Care Fund" play its due role. Zhuhai Zhendong Company established the first "Care Fund" Council on the basis of the former employee representatives of the company. It is specially responsible for the size of the "Care Fund".

On April 29, 2014, the company implemented the "policy of ensuring air-conditioned housing for all employees", so that the majority of employees have a cool and comfortable sleeping environment and better serve the company.

Zhuhai Zhendong has made continuous efforts to let employees share the company's business results with practical actions. Every employee's hard work will be remembered by the company. Every excellent employee is a talent. The enterprise pays attention to "make the best use of talents", grows up with employees, and gradually becomes the leader in the industry.

Here, all Zhendong colleagues must firmly remember our core values: adhere to the path of specialization, and always put solving problems for customers and creating value for customers first; let customers, employees and the company achieve win-win results; on the premise of fully meeting the needs of customers, let employees share the company's business results, so that our employees can live a decent and dignified life and enjoy the safety, health and happiness in the process of work and life!

At the same time, I would also like to thank the R&D personnel and management personnel who have made special contributions to the development of the company, and the old employees who have made efforts to the vigorous development of the company. Thanks for having you all the way!


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