Ceramic Brush
Application: ·Remove permanent hole plugging ink ·Leveling build-up resin/prepreg resin after IVH/BVH process ·Reduce copper thickness/residual copper dust after plating ·Remove oxided layer ·Deburr after drilling ·Remove PP resin on SUS laminate
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Hi-Cut Buff(FHC/CHC)
Application: ·Remove permanent hole plugging ink(Hi-Cut Buff) ·Leveing build-up resin/prepreg resin after IVH/BVH(Hi-Cut Buff) ·Reduce copper thickness/remove residual copper dust after plating (Hi-Cut Buff) ·Remove PP resin on SUS laminate ·Pre-treatment of photo resist(DF)/solder mask(SM)/solder resist(WF) processes ·Clean/Grind SUS board ·Clean/Deoxide/Scrub/Finish thin copper board ·Polish copper/brass/steel sheet/coil
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Super Fine Non-Woven Buff
Features: ·Excellent brushing particle stability ·Specially recommended to use in DF line and deburring line
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SUS Plate Cleaning Brush
Application: ·Remove PPresin on SUS laminates and keep it clean
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Non-Woven Buff for Ti Drum
Application: ·To remove impurities on TI Drum, and to make Ti Drum with even roughness. ·GSH uses the combination of fine grit and low hardness to get good performance, and avoid to scrub Ti Drum excessively even to prolong its life.
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Nylon Bristle Brush
Applications: •Deburr after drilling •Remove copper dust after plating •Pretreatment before dry film/wet film/printing/solder mask •Metal surface cleaning/polishing/fine grinding
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