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In modern enterprise procurement management, the management of suppliers is very important. As the source of the supply chain, suppliers have a special position in the supply chain. The quality of raw materials will have a direct impact on the finished products, product quality and even production technology.
For more than ten years, Zhuhai Zhendong has been committed to establishing a continuous, dynamic and closed-loop scientific management system for suppliers, and building a process-based, data-based and dynamic supplier management system through effective means. Zhuhai Zhendong Company supplier management regulation process:
1. Supplier development procedure: supplier data collection; fill in the supplier's basic data sheet; supplier contact; sample identification; apply for supplier evaluation.
2. Supplier evaluation procedure: form a supplier evaluation team; evaluate the quality, price, delivery date, technology and production management of the supplier respectively; listed in the list of qualified suppliers. The order and purchase procedures are as follows: purchase intention; inquiry; price comparison; negotiation; price; order; delivery; check before acceptance.
3. Supplier evaluation procedure: evaluate the quality, price, delivery time, service and other items of suppliers every month; List the evaluation level of each supplier; Reward and punish according to regulations.
4. Supplier review: review the qualified suppliers every six months; In case of major quality, price, delivery time, service and other problems, the supplier can review at any time.
5. Unqualified suppliers shall be removed from the list: unqualified suppliers who want to re-supply to the company shall be instructed and re-investigated.
This is how we require our suppliers and also our own. The quality of all raw materials and auxiliary materials is related to the quality of Zhendong's products, and affects the handling ability and timeliness of major quality and after-sales events; It concerns the real interests of all customers in Zhendong. Therefore, our company has formulated strict management regulations for screening and evaluating suppliers to eliminate unqualified suppliers in time.
Through the implementation of supplier management measures to increase the control ability of procurement business, and through long-term, trusted and guaranteed order contracts, suppliers are required to continue to provide stable and reliable production raw materials. Zhuhai Zhendong is confident to become the best supplier of printed board consumables and equipment in China and the world.


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